Quality Standard Amendment or Creation Suggestion

Please submit any WBFI Quality Standards revisions or amendments here or suggestions for new standards to be reviewed.  The WBFI Quality Standards Committee will review all suggested comments and address them as necessary, with the Quality Standards Board to give final approval for public comment.

Feeder standards: https://www.wbfi.org/members-only/qsp-feeder-products/

Seed standards: https://www.wbfi.org/members-only/qsp-seed-products/

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If proposing a WBFI standard amendment, please outline the full section of the standard definition you are proposing to change and the proposed draft language.

If submitting a suggestion for a new standard, please outline the proposed definition or specification for the standard types.

If the proposed definition, revision, or amendment is lengthy or includes multiple standards, we recommend uploading a word document with tracked changes, or any reference material pertaining to the proposal.

If you have more documentation, please email to info@wbfi.org

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