Nyjer® Trademark Usage

As of January 1, 2023, WBFI has modified trademark requirements. Associate businesses, distributors, feeder/accessory manufacturers, packers, and processors of Nyjer® seed (Guizotia abyssinica) are required to obtain authorization from the WBFI to use the Nyjer® trademark.

Authorization for major retailers/brands may receive access to use the WBFI Nyjer® trademark on their packaging if their supplier is authorized by WBFI. Retailers are still encouraged to become WBFI members but are not required to join WBFI or pay the licensing fee if their supplier is authorized by WBFI. (An authorized list can be found here).

If you would like verification that your brand can use the term Nyjer®, contact your supplier for an official letter or contact info@wbfi.org.

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Please list the retailer or brands that use the trademark on their packaging or marketing material. Retailers are encouraged to become members but are not required to join WBFI or pay the licensing fee as long as their Packer is a member of WBFI.

Please submit photos of current packaging/labeling samples of Nyjer® or email info@wbfi.org if you would prefer to send photos that way.

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By checking this box, I agree on behalf of [company listed in this form] to be an authorized user of the Wild Bird Feeding Institute (WBFI) Nyjer trademark. The authorized user will use the trademark solely in connection with the brands listed in this application and only for products containing Nyjer seed. I agree to use this symbol ® in conjunction with the trademark and will adhere to WBFI's Nyjer guidelines. I agree not to challenge or contest ownership of the trademark by WBFI or do anything that may adversely affect the validity or enforceability of the trademark. This agreement is considered binding upon submission of the form.