WBFI Ambassador Product Form

The wild bird feeding institute is launching a program to promote the benefits of the hobby of bird feeding through a broad view of perspectives and experiences, as well as share best practices and gain insight into hobbyists’ purchasing and hobby habits. 

Members can help support this by donating products or financially to WBFI! A comment box below allows you to list your max amount to donate, and we will be in touch with the total number of supplies needed once the Ambassadors are selected.

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Please list specifics on the brands/products that you would be willing to donate and the max quantity of each product. Links to products can also be included in the text box below.

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WBFI is focusing on Instagram & TikTok, but content can be shared through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Please include a username and link to the account or WBFI to coordinate marketing efforts.

Ambassadors will not be required to give reviews or feedback on products, but staff can advise or suggest that they complete surveys or rate products online per membership requests.